Donations in memory of Noel Sheehy

The family of Professor Noel Sheehy, who was President Elect of the British Psychological Society when he died in May, are inviting donations to the charity Youth Music in his memory.

Writing on the charity’s website, Professor Sheehy’s daughter Francesca says:

“Youth Music was definitely the right choice for Noel because, even though he couldn't play a single instrument, he was fascinated by those who could ... Noel always encouraged me to follow my passion in music, which must have changed on a weekly basis, piano, singing or guitar; what ever it was, he would fully support my decision in what I wanted to do and how I wanted to live my life through music."

His son Daniel adds:

“He gave me the gift of a drum kit on my 16th birthday, and it was a gift that changed my life, from being an unconfident, creatively limited teenager, into someone who desperately wanted to make music with people, and play that music for as large an audience as possible.I was never prouder than when I was able to hand my Dad my band's first CD, and have him listen to what we'd created.

"This transformative effect is what Youth Music can bring to people's lives, and I can think of no better living tribute to what my Dad believed in and appreciated, than to see other young people given the opportunity to learn, create and share music."

Youth Music Youth Music is a UK charity using music to transform the lives of disadvantaged children and young people. Since it was formed in 1999 it has reached over two million children and young people through all types of music, both in and school and beyond.

You are also invited to add your memories of Noel Sheehy to the Society’s own tribute page