Developmental event in Newcastle

The early literacy development of children and how people develop habits are among the topics to be discussed at the Developmental Psychology Section Annual Conference to be held at Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne from 7-9 September.

Over 200 leading psychologists from all over the world are expected to attend the major event which will explore the psychological, emotional, and perception changes that occur in people throughout life.

The keynote speakers will include:

  • Professor Jackie Masterson, Institute of Education, University of London
    “Literacy development”
  • Professor David Evans, Bucknell University, USA
    “The development and psychopathology of rituals, habits, compulsions and repetitive behaviours”
  • Dr Olivier Pascalis, Université Pierre Mendes, France
    “The development of face perception through infancy and childhood”
  • Dr Noriko Toyama, Tsuda College, Japan
    “Cultural differences in children's awareness of mind-body relationships”
    (sponsored by the Japanese Society of Developmental Psychology)

Other themes to be discussed will include "Predictors of children’s antisocial behaviour from infancy to adolescence", "Loneliness in childhood and adolescence", "Can young children distinguish between real and cartoon worlds?", along with "Children’s scepticism toward advertisement and understanding the marketplace".

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