Delayed mothers are not selfish

It is not a selfish act for women to give birth later in life, it has been argued. Psychology reseracher Kirsty Budds noted it is not necessarily a lifestyle choice for women to have a child in their late 30s or 40s, adding these people are not talking undue health risks by doing so.

A paper on the topic was presented last month by Ms Budds at a the Society's Developmental  conference held at St Andrew's University and explained women do not delay motherhood simply for career reasons or because they wish to 'have it all'.

Ms Budds - whose PhD at the learning institute is based on the subject - said the term delayed is not appropriate in this context because it implies choice and agency.

She questioned whether giving birth later in life can be deemed a choice, adding: "If it is, then it is a choice that is constrained and shaped by the values in our society and the pressures upon women."