Counselling psychology annual conference in Bristol

Hundreds of counselling psychologists will meet at the Thistle Grand Hotel in Bristol from the 14-16 July to discuss the latest research in their annual conference ‘Celebrating pluralism in counselling psychology’.

Including a mixture of posters, workshops and presentations the conference will tackle some of the major issues in the discipline today.
Keynote speakers are:

Professor John McLeod (University of Abertay) ‘Pluralism: What does it mean for the way we work?’
Professor Carla Willig (City University, London) ‘What makes a good interpretation?’
Dr Jeremy Holmes, (Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist) ’Intimacy - In the consulting room and other places’

Dr Barbara Douglas, Chair of the Division of Counselling Psychology, said: “This year’s conference is shaping up to be a really exciting with fascinating research being presented and ideas shared."

The full conference programme can be accessed at

The conference also hosts an open public event ‘Modern Childhood: Still 'toxic' after all these years? ‘by Dr Richard House (Roehampton University). Go to for more information.