Conservatives and Liberal Democrats 'focusing on psychology'

The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats both appear to be placing a focus on psychology, following the release of two manifestos in Scotland this week.

An increased use of talking therapies within the National Health Service is being promoted by the Conservatives, while the Liberal Democrats also listed a number of ways in which they would like to see the provision of mental health services improved.

The party stated that it is aiming for increased access to psychological and emotional support, while waiting times for psychological treatments and talking therapies also need to be reduced.

It explained more community-based support services should be developed, adding: "We will take steps to increase the number of qualified psychologists and psychiatrists."

Manifestos from Labour, the Scottish National Party and the Green Party are to come.

In a recent written answer from the House of Commons, Health Minister Paul Burstow said the government is investing funds to help expand access to psychological therapies for children and young people.