The Connected Baby DVD is now on sale

The Connected Baby, a DVD produced with the help of a public engagement grant from the Society, can now be purchased from the website dedicated to the film.

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk from the University of Dundee, who wrote and produced the film with Jonathan Robertson, tells us:

“We are delighted to see the project coming to fulfilment and we already have a list of more than 800 requests for the film. Requests continue to come in every day, and we have no doubt that all 2000 copies that the BPS grant provided funding for will be distributed.”

The film is structured in six chapters: an introduction and five dances: the dance of connection, the dance of the nappy, the dance of the air, the dance of the big sister and the dance of the mirror.
Each dance observes and analyses the interaction between baby and parent, sibling or grandmother in a familiar domestic situation, in order to highlight the extraordinary abilities of the young baby to communicate and enter into conversation with an adult.

Other dances which will be available on subsequent DVDs are likely to include the dance of the empty room, the dance of silence, the dance of the scone, the dance of the book, the dance of the water, the dance of the cushions and the dance of the buggy. Much of the material for these dances has already been filmed.

The Connected Baby website also has details of public showings of the film, including one at the Museum of Motherhood in New York.