Conference to study ethnicity at work

A conference about applying psychology to ethnicity and diversity practice in organisations is being held in London later this week.

“Ethnicity at Work: The Value of Psychology” will take place at the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, on Friday 23 September 2011. It is organised by the Ethnic Diversity at Work Group, part of the Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology.

The three keynote speakers will be:

·         Professor Stella M. Nkomo, University of Pretoria, South Africa

·         Professor Binna Kandola, Pearn Kandola                          

·         Dr Etlyn Kenny, Birkbeck College, University of London                                            

As well as these keynote talks and practical, interactive workshops delivered by researchers and practitioners, the conference will include sessions on career management, networks, bias in assessment, and diversity corporate strategy.

The event is aimed at HR and diversity practitioners, minority ethnic professionals and organisational leaders seeking to incorporate evidence-based initiatives into their diversity strategy. 

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