Comparing personality across cultures

There is a problem in making cross-cultural comparisons of personality. How do you tell if a population's higher scores are a reliable reflection of their underlying traits, or if they're caused by a proclivity for more extreme answers?

Our Research Digest reports on a new study that set out to find the answer.


The problem described above in getting data is worth considering. Some times it is attitude and tendency and other times it could be any thing else affecting peoples response drastically. 

I believe there are thousand factors in environment that affect data directly or indirectly. Certainly there is another environment inside us that also affect us badly and we response one question in one way and the other time in another way. it is highly complicated process of decisino making at the time of choosing the best category for us. Our nature, culture, belief, and theory of life all contribute and we are biased certainly in the end.


Dr Mona