Psychologists are meeting in Glasgow

The Society Cognitive Psychology Section's Annual Conference is taking place this week at the Menzies Hotel, Glasgow. The conference opens today, Wednesday 29 August, and closes on Friday 31 August.

More than a hundred psychologists are enjoying a full programme of papers, posters and symposia. Subjects in the programme include memory, and face and voice recognition.

The keynote speakers at the conference are:
  • Professor Robert Logie, University of Edinburgh, on ‘System 3 thinking’
  • Professor Ap Dijksterhuis, Radboud University, Netherlands on ‘Working memory in the healthy, ageing and damaged brain’
  • Dr Eirini Mavritsaki and Professor Glyn Humphreys, joint winners of the Section’s award for an outstanding published contribution to research in the area of cognitive psychology, will speak on ‘Bridging the gap between physiology and behaviour’.
You can read more about the work of the Cogntive Psychology Section on its website.