Coalition 'causing confusion' through mental health stance

The coalition is causing confusion through its stance on care for mental health patients, it has been claimed.

Dr Lucy Maddox, Chartered Clinical Psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society's Media and Press Committee, noted in an article for the Guardian that recent announcements regarding a £400 million investment in mental healthcare stands at odds with cuts to mental health and social provision.

The expert cited the Department of Health's recent No Health Without Mental Health initiative, but claimed there is little rationale in the government's suggestions that localising the commissioning of mental health services will benefit the situation.

She explained: "Most GPs have not had specialist training in mental healthcare and do not necessarily know what services are available or helpful to their local communities."

Her comments follow a recent announcement by Health Minister Paul Burstow, who revealed the government is to make additional funds available to help with the mental health needs of those who have served in the British military.