Clinical psychologists on the Health Bill

The Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) has given its support to the statement from our President, Dr Carole Allan, that the Society does not support the Health and Social Care Bill in its current form.

Dr John Hanna, director of the DCP policy unit, says:

“We fully support the position taken by Dr Carole Allan, the BPS President, on deciding against offering support to the Health and Social Care Bill in its current form.   While remaining constructively engaged in co-developing policy, and in particular mental health policy as it relates to mental health services and the whole of the NHS, the Division of Clinical Psychology seeks a balance in legislation favouring collaboration over competition.  

“We call on the Government to reconsider its balance between collaboration and competition in public service arenas--competition should serve to improve efficiency, not to generate profit for private-sector providers or redirect NHS clinicians toward private work and away from what should be their sole objective—high quality health provision for those who need it.  Collaboration should, instead, be prioritised and incentivised, to ensure timely, evidence-based health and social care interventions delivered by all commissioned providers at all points along integrated care pathways.  

“While we work toward achieving representation within clinical networks joining the commissioning process, we further urge the Government to re-assess its proposed professional membership of formal commissioning bodies, and to proactively include applied psychologists alongside medical and nursing professionals in recognition of the relative parity of evidence produced between medical and psychological sciences across all areas of the NHS.”