Chartered psychologist talks on cyberbullying

Dr Emma Short C Psychol took part in the BBC3 programme The Anti-Social Network on Monday 19 March. This documentary about cyberbullying and trolling was presented by Richard Bacon, who has himself been a victim of the practices.

You can see a clip of Dr Short being interviewed on the BBC website.

Writing about the programme on the BBC website, Bacon says:

“It turns out that the level of vitriol I was receiving was mild by comparison with what hundreds, probably thousands, of people around the UK were subjected to.

“I'm a presenter. I come into people's homes via the radio and the TV. And I understand totally that I wind some people up.

“I know that abuse comes with the territory.

“Slagging me or my show off, despising my style of presenting - that's fine. After all, that’s freedom of expression.

“But when someone becomes intensely personal, and crosses the line between disliking you and publicly fantasising about your death, things change.

“But in the course of this programme, I discover first-hand that internet abuse is much, much worse for some people.”

The Anti-Social Network will be available to view via BBC iPlayer for a few more days.