Chartered Psychologist offers top tips for tidying up

To mark National Spring Cleaning Week - currently running until March 28th - a Chartered Psychologist has offered some top tips on how people can use the concept of tidiness to enhance their overall wellbeing.

Dr Hugh Koch highlighted four easy-to-implement areas that show keeping a home clean can result in increased calmness.

The expert noted a person visualising that a room is a clutter-free space and thinking of him or herself as an organised individual will be of great help, adding: "This positive and reassuring thinking helps to enhance relaxation and calmness."

He recommended homeowners be energetic about their pursuit of tidiness as this can bring health benefits, while making chores more of a social event - by involving housemates or children - can help to install positive routines.

Dr Koch advised people to regularly throw away any items they no longer need, while organising other matters - such as finances and insurance - will enable people to feel in control of their abode.

National Spring Cleaning Week 2011 is aimed at encouraging homeowners to start afresh this spring by clearing both their homes and minds and turning over a new leaf.