Changing the way you picture pain can help

Most people who suffer from serious pain have one or more mental images that they associate with the discomfort and what it represents to them.

A new study discussed on our Research Digest has shown that these pain-sufferers can be taught to re-imagine this pain imagery in a more positive light, bringing them instant relief and emotional comfort.

I totally agreee with the idea. The pains and suffering we perceive are very much related to our believes which we think as true as we believe ourselves. We just can not understand that we are at fault in believing or perceiving our sufferings in most of the cases. So our friends, relatives, psychologists etc try to motivate us to think in some other way. Unfortunately the process is not very much reassuring. But there is little help atleast. For other cases where a real, physical problem is existing or being perceived by the sufferer, matter must be resolved by real and physical actions. For example an abuser must not be abused and a stigmatised person must not be stigmatised again. For the former case, one need to think deeply and try to focus on his or her real basic concepts and beliefs. I think changing belief would not be easy and time saving thing to adopt. we need to change the environment in which we believe in that way. Suppose we are victim of discrimination of some kind that is due to our family backgrund. Being a part of very conservative family, we need to have a modern family to live with for a short time to get healing. Here only changing thought would not solve the problem rather changing environment ( real and mental) would be imperative.