BSI issues first standard for assessment

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has launched the first international standard to assure good practice in psychometric testing and other assessments used in the recruitment process and other areas of occupational assessment..

This benchmark was developed in conjunction with the British Psychological Society, SHL, the Ministry of Defence and Association for Coaching. The Assessment Service Delivery – known as BS ISO 10667 – is designed to provide assessment firms with the opportunity to demonstrate that good-practice procedures are being followed.

Professor Dave Bartram, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and chief psychologist at the talent measurement company SHL, said:

”Good measurement through assessment is the key to enhancing the acquisition and management of talent. Good talent measurement provides the ‘people intelligence’ managers need to deliver the business results. ISO 10667 is an important step in addressing issues of good practice in the assessment of people in the workplace. As a global provider of assessment services, we welcome the availability of a truly international standard that will help us in working with our customers to ensure they realise value from using our services.”

The standard is in two parts. The first will be of particular interest to those buying in services of assessment providers or running internal assessment programmes: the second is aimed at the actual assessment providers.

BS ISO 10667 suggests that good practice assessment delivery involves collaboration between parties by encouraging joint-working on the development of assessment specifications, how data might be used and the interpretation of results.