BPS signs research integrity concordat

Universities UK launched The Concordat to Support Research Integrity on 11 July 2012. This followed in-depth consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, including the Society.  The co-signatories to the report include Department for Employment and Learning; Higher Education Funding Council for England; Higher Education Funding Council for Wales; National Institute for Health Research; Research Councils UK; Scottish Funding Council; Universities UK  and the Wellcome Trust.  

The concordat to support research integrity sets out five commitments that will provide assurances to government, the wider public and the international community that research in the UK continues to be underpinned by the highest standards of rigour and integrity. 

Developed in collaboration with the Funding and Research Councils, the Wellcome Trust and various government departments, the concordat will:

  • provide better coordination of existing approaches to research integrity
  • enable more effective communication of efforts to ensure that the highest standards of rigour and integrity continue to underpin all our research
  • encourage greater transparency and accountability at both institutional and sector levels
  • stimulate reflection on current practices to identify where improvements can be made 

For more information on the concordat see the research integrity page of the Universities UK website.  

A number of key stakeholders have now signed up as supporters of the Concordat, including the Academy of Medical Sciences; Association of Research Managers and Administrators; British Medical Journal; Council of University Classical Departments; CREST: Consortium for Research Excellence, Support and Training; Department for Business, Innovation and Skills; Government Office for Science; Improving Dispute Resolution Advisory Service for Further and Higher Education; Medical Schools Council; Royal Musical Association and the UK Research Integrity Office.

The British Psychological Society is delighted to confirm its support for the Concordat. Our President Dr Peter Banister welcomed the concordat, which the Society has helped to shape, saying:  "i represents a welcome development for UK Research”.

As a supporter, the Society confirms its commitment to:

  • recognise the commitments outlined in the concordat
  • embed the concordat in our work 
  • participate in the proposed Research Integrity Stakeholder forum 
  • engage with annual report, ‘Research Integrity in the UK’

We are also committed to awareness raising and engagement with the stakeholder forum, especially in relation to the development of the implementation plan.  As the Society is already quite active in this area and we hope to be able to make useful contributions to this work.