The BPS Learning Centre launches its 2012 CPD Directory

Packed with over 75 events, workshops and e-learning modules, the directory provides a snapshot of what is on offer from the BPS Learning Centre. The Centre’s website is constantly updated with new events, including many of interest to occupational psychologists and coaching psychologists.

The BPS Learning Centre also provides an online structured framework called myCPD. It provides learning and CPD opportunities to support psychologists and those working in related fields with their professional development.

myCPD can:

  • remove form filling and paperwork from the CPD process
  • provide a structured framework for the planning and recording of CPD
  • allow members to update their CPD records as they work throughout the year
  • store up to five years of CPD records
  • create customised CPD reports which can be stored on the system or downloaded to a PDF file.

The system also supports the Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) which is used in the health service to measure progression.

This year the myCPD will be improved with a number of enhancements designed to make it easier for BPS members to plan and record their professional development.