BPS joins Parliament’s WW1 centenary commemorations

The BPS has been invited to contribute to an event as part of the Houses of Parliament’s centenary commemorations for the First World War.

During the event, hosted by the parliamentary outreach service as part of a series of events held by Parliament and the Society to commemorate the First World War, psychologists will be outlining their insights into psychology and war.

The lifelong effects of war have been well documented, but the First World War saw a turning point in the development of psychology and changed the way we think about military health. In 2013, nearly 100 years on, Captain Duncan Precious became the first ever clinical psychologist to be commissioned into the British Army.

Captain Precious will join Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes, President of the British Psychological Society and Founding Director of the Veterans and Families Institute at Anglia Ruskin University, to explore the legacy of the First World War and how we now manage the psychological trauma of battle.

This event takes place on the 27th January at the Houses of Parliament.and is the first in a number of public events taking place in 2016 as part of the Society’s Centenary of the First World War project looking at all aspects of psychology and the First World War.