NICE publishes child well-being guidance

A Fellow of the British Psychological Society has helped produce new guidance relating to the social and emotional wellbeing of children. Susan Michie, a Chartered Clinical and Health Psychologist at University College London, formed part of the Public Health Interventions Advisory Committee, which was set up by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

This standing committee was created to review evidence and to develop recommendations on public health interventions.

Professor Michie was joined by a number of other experts as part of the multidisciplinary membership, including public health practitioners, clinicians, local authority officers and teachers.

The guidance, entitled Social and Emotional Wellbeing: Early Years, has been drawn up to help define how vulnerable children under the age of five can be supported through childcare, early education and home visiting.

It is hoped that the guidance will prove beneficial for all those responsible for the wellbeing of young kids, including the NHS, GPs and those commissioning children's services in local authorities.