Body image worries 'can lead to depression'

Individuals who are concerned about their body image - such as those who suffer from skin diseases - may find their worries lead to depression, it has been claimed.

Chartered Psychologist and Chartered Scientist Dr Linda Papadopoulas noted people with such ailments find it difficult when others do not understand the condition.

The expert claimed individuals who see a person with a skin disease may be inclined to make judgements - such as the sufferer does not wash their skin or moisturise their face.

"Contagion is a big one, people don't understand so they fear it. This inevitably leads to things like depression, anxiety and ultimately even suicide," she explained.

Dr Papadopoulas added that the condition can become a person's "defining thing", as they are labelled upon appearances.

The specialist recently claimed psoriasis can have a deep psychological impact on a sufferer, noting these people often feel a sense of helplessness that they are unable to control what is happening to their body.