How blogging can help new mothers

Reading and writing blogs can help relieve stress in new mothers, new research has suggested. Published online in the Maternal and Child Health Journal, the study found mums who take part in these activities may feel less alone when gearing up for life with a newborn baby.

Brandon McDaniel, a graduate student in human development and family studies at Penn State, explained a woman's transition into motherhood can benefit when they write abut their experiences as a parent.

By doing so, individuals can feel better connected to loved ones and therefore more supported.

Mr McDaniel stated: "That potentially is going to spill out into other aspects of their wellbeing, including their marital relationship with their partner [and] the ways that they're feeling about their parenting stress."

Although women who blog will still experience the usual parental stresses, a new mother's depression levels might be boosted when they share stories online because their feelings about these pressures change, he added.

Chartered Psychologist Dr Lucy Maddox, a clinical psychologist and lecture in child development, says:

"It makes sense that writing about the experiences of new motherhood can be helpful. Although having children can be one of the happiest times, it is also a time of major adjustment to a new role. The birth itself can be a traumatic experience and caring for a young baby leaves parents sleep-deprived and vulnerable. Writing things down is often therapeutic and sharing experiences with others who are in a similar position is a great way of developing a new support network."