Biology Week sees memory record bid

Participants throughout the UK are gearing up for a memory-based world record attempt. At 14.30 on Friday 19 October, people will complete a 10-minute memory test as part of the biggest memory game the world has ever seen.

The assessment has been prepared by experimental psychologist Professor Bruce Hood and it is hoped the event will provide clues as to how memories are stored in the human brain.

Another aim of the record attempt is to underline the important role played by scientific research in treating diseases that affect large numbers in the UK, such as Alzheimer's disease.

The event is being held as part of the Society of Biology's first-ever Biology Week and people around the UK are being invited to take part.

Those who can gather at least 25 individuals together at the allotted time can participate, while others can be of assistance by acting as independent witnesses to verify the attempt.

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