BBC Radio 4 Life Scientific: Professor Uta Frith

One of the world's first psychology professors to research conditions such as autism and dyslexia is on BBC Radio 4 today (December 6th) about her pioneering work. Professor Uta Frith discusses these brain disorders with Jim Al Khalili at 21:30 GMT, revealing just how much her work has changed the way such conditions are viewed by society.

Back in the 1960s, when Professor Frith moved from post-war Germany to the UK, there was no such thing as dyslexia, while autism was thought to have been a symptom of cold parenting.

The expert was certain the root of these conditions could be found in the brain and developed theories along with students Francesca Happe and Simon Baron Cohen that would shape modern-day psychology's view on autism, while neuro-imaging experiments carried out with her husband Professor Chris Frith found a region in the brain linked to dyslexia.

Professor Uta Frith is an Honorary Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a winner of the Society's Lifetime Achivement Award. She  currently works at University College London at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology.