BBC presenter to receive our Public Engagement and Media Award

Claudia Hammond, the psychologist and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s ‘All in the Mind’, is to receive the Society’s 2012 Public Engagement and Media Award.

As recipient of the Award, Ms Hammond will present a public lecture at the Society’s Annual Conference, which takes place in April next year in London. She will also receive a £500 prize.

Upon hearing the news of her award Ms Hammond said:

“I really am honoured to receive this award. Psychology is a great subject with so much to offer in so many spheres of life.

“Although my programmes and books are aimed at the general public, I'm determined to cover the topic accurately and fairly, so the support from BPS members means a lot to me.”

The Award recognises the work of a psychologist who, either directly or through broadcast and print media, has made an outstanding contribution to raising the profile of psychology with the general public.

In response to the announcement of the 2012 award, Dr Ceri Parsons, Chartered Psychologist and Chair of the Society’s Media and Press Committee said:

“There were two exceptional candidates, but the result shows Claudia’s status in the public eye as someone who communicates psychological ideas with a level of clarity and critical awareness.”

Ms Hammond has almost 20 years’ experience of communicating a wide range of psychological research through her broadcasting and writing career. She is the current presenter of BBC Radio 4’s ‘All in the Mind’, which reaches an audience of around 1.2 million listeners each week.

Details of Ms Hammond’s public lecture will be released the next year.