BA/BPS Lecture 2011: The Resilient Brain

Yesterday evening Professor Lorraine Tyler FBA gave this year's British Association/British Psychological Society Lecture at the Royal Society in London. Her subject was “The Resilient Brain: Cognition and Ageing”.

Thank you to Professor Tyler for a memorable lecture. Many people who attended said they found it informative and engaging.

Questions asked by members of the audience last night included:

  • How does the brain decide on which level of cognition to aim for when it regenerates? Why don't young people's brains regenerate to improve cognition more to begin with?
  • What about problem solving exercises? Doing tasks that make us think would that also help?
  • Is there any evidence that diet, nutrition and supplements can have an effect?
  • Does the evidence show that the exercise should be done in  one session or should it be a little bit each day?
  • Is there a difference because men's brains are bigger than women's?
  • What part does blood flow play?

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