Athletes may feel down after Olympics

Sportspeople are likely to feel a little down after taking part in a major competition, it has been suggested. Deirdre Angella, a Chartered Sports Psychologist at the English Institute of Sport, told the BBC that athletes competing in the London Olympics are bound to feel deflated now the Games are over.

Ms Angella explained people should refrain from trying to fight these feelings, which can last for either days or weeks, depending on the person.

She said experts say to competitors in this position: "You've had an amazing experience, you maybe don't feel as happy as you did, but you need to give yourself time to recover, emotionally and physically."

Ian Maynard, a Chartered Psychologist and Professor of Sport Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University, noted some sports stars may experience depression when they are no longer performing, explaining anxiety and withdrawal can occur when their lives are devoid of the structure and direction they once had.