Alcohol advice from sexual health teams?

Sexual health teams offering advice to young people should also impart knowledge regarding the dangers of alcohol. This is according to the Alcohol and Sexual Working Party, which has suggested risks regarding sex and drinking are often related, the BBC reports.

The organisation claimed the NHS is missing key opportunities to address the issue as more than 1.5 million youngsters head to sexual health clinics every year, with one-in-five of these individuals consuming alcohol to a dangerous level.

A report from the group, which was created by the Royal College of Physicians - an organisation that has operated for almost 500 years and is supported by the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV - stated: "[Sexually transmitted infections] mostly affect young persons under the age of 25 years and 16 to 24-year-olds are among the highest consumers of alcohol."

It added people who drink more alcohol can be more prone to going to bed with multiple partners.

Dr Sharron Hinchliff of the University of Sheffield, commented: "Any attempt to address young people's risk-taking, be that sexual and/or drug-related, is welcomed.

"However, careful consideration of the best way to implement the interventions aimed at educating young people about the dangers of alcohol and sex is required.

"The reasons why young people engage in risky behaviours are often complex and the connection between sex and alcohol raises critical issues that should not be ignored. The report published by the Alcohol and Sex Working Party is very well thought out and makes some important recommendations for a number of areas.

"Although I would have liked to seen more consideration of psychological factors, including the role they play in risky behaviours and how they can be addressed in the interventions aimed at reducing such risk-taking, in their recommendations for practice."