Abuse of people with learning disabilities

The Society’s Faculty for Learning Disabilities was one of 86 organisations and individuals to sign a letter to the prime minister calling for a national response to the abuse of people with learning disabilities. The letter was sent on Monday 20 June, the first day of Learning Disabilities Week.

Dr Theresa Joyce, Chair of the Faculty, which is part of the Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology says:

“The letter outlined some key actions that need to be taken in response to the terrible abuses so graphically documented in the recent Panorama programme. People with learning disabilities are amongst the most vulnerable in our society, and all the organisations who signed the letter were united on the actions that need to be taken to help prevent such abuses happening in the future."

The letter also called on the government to take decisive action to change services to reduce the risk of the abuse of people with learning and ensure that they are supported to live full, valued and varied lives as equal member of society.