25 years of health psychology

The Society is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Division of Health Psychology. The Division has worked to raise the profile of health psychologists and what they do. It now has over 1600 members, working as academics and practitioners in a range of settings.

The December issue of The Psychologist includes a special feature on the Division in which leading figures showcase highlights from 25 years of health psychology in the UK.

The feature is introduced by Chartered Psychologist Dr Angel Chater and Honorary Members Professor John Weinman and Professor Marie Johnston.

Dr Neil Coulson, Chartered Psychologist and Chair of the Division, said:

“The Division of Health Psychology has made significant strides in raising the profile of health psychology in the UK over the last 25 years.

"We are delighted about the special feature on the Division’s achievements in the new issue of The Psychologist.”

Health psychologists promote changes in people’s attitudes, behaviour and thinking about health and illness. They help people to cope with illness and unpleasant medical treatments. They also deal with health matters such as smoking, skin care in the sun and promoting safer-sex.

The December issue of The Psychologist also includes contributions from Abi Millar talking to Dr Frank Bond about acceptance and commitment therapy.

Elsewhere Sandy Lovie and Pat Lovie look back at the life of influential psychologist Charles Edward Spearman, and there is an interview with Professor Roger Ingham, Chartered Psychologist and expert in sexual health.