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Why conservatives like to use nouns more than liberals do

12 January 2017

The conservative desire for stability is reflected even at the most basic level of language use.

Our political leanings, whether left or right, tend to reveal how much we're drawn to stability and security as opposed to change and uncertainty.

This comes through in our attitudes and personality traits, but new research in the journal Political Psychology has suggested that there is even a link between political orientation and use of language - specifically the extent to which we are drawn towards the use of nouns or adjectives.

Two initial studies, held in Poland and Lebanon, found that participants with more socially conservative views were more likely to end a sentence with a noun than an adjective when compared against their more liberal counterparts.

Analysis was also carried out on 101 key speeches that had been delivered by 13 different US presidents, with those given by Republican leaders containing a greater proportion of nouns than addresses by Democrats.

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