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We want to hear your views on the reform of the Society

23 November 2017

We are undertaking a thorough overhaul of our internal structures to make a reality of the impact statement we recently adopted.

That envisions a world where:

People, organisations and communities are equipped with the everyday psychological knowledge to navigate a complex world. Everyone can access evidence-based psychology to enhance their lives, communities and wider society.

You can read all about our developing plans on the Structural Review pages on this website.

There you will find details of proposals for the establishment of a Senate and new strategy boards and for changes to the way that the Society’s Trustees operate.

The latest update looks forward to a year of consultation on changes to our member networks, so that we can together find a simpler structure that will serve members better.

Our ultimate aim is to give the Society an enabling and responsive culture for members and staff alike.

Most of all, we want to know your views on the reform of the Society. So please visit the Structural Review pages and let us know what you think.


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