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There's a psychological case for paying female managers more than male managers, or giving them more holiday

28 February 2017

New research aims to investigate why women managers tend to be less happy than their male counterparts.

Women are still underrepresented in managerial positions and, whilst discrimination and access to resources play a part in this, it is also down to the fact that attaining a senior job tends to increase life satisfaction for men but not for women.

New research in the Journal of Happiness Studies has attempted to locate the reasons behind this simple but important issue, with their study finding that it would take an extra €12,000 of pay to boost a woman's life satisfaction by the same amount that a man would get from an extra €5,000.

The researchers also found that caring less about money and more about time was at the heart of female managers' dissatisfaction, suggesting that it is not the nature of managerial work that is a problem but rather how it is structured and compensated.

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