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Take part in consultation meetings on our Structural Review

27 June 2017

We need to change. And we need to change quite significantly in many areas.

This starts with deciding exactly what we are here for. To this end, the Board of Trustees has agreed a statement which expresses the impact which the Society will have if it successfully achieves its aims:

People, organisations and communities are equipped with the everyday psychological knowledge to navigate a complex world. Everyone can access evidence-based psychology to enhance their lives, communities and wider society.

Achieving this will mean that we need to be better at focusing on our aims, and develop a structure which supports activities that are designed to achieve those aims.

A key element of this is our review of the Society’s structure, including its governance (Trustees, Representative Council and its Boards) and its member networks (Divisions, Special Groups, Sections, Branches and Faculties). 

Our vision is of an effective organisation, with clear structures, transparent lines of accountability, and effective processes, where the different parts of the profession and discipline of psychology can develop and thrive, whilst also supported in working together to achieve the aims of the Society as a whole.

To achieve this vision we need to make changes throughout the organisation, and these changes are the current focus of our structural review.

Last month we consulted members on our governance structure and received some useful feedback to inform our thinking.

Throughout July we will be consulting members again, this time on the whole of the proposed structural changes, with a particular focus on our member networks (our Branches, Divisions, Sections and Special Groups).

The purpose of this consultation will be to think about the most effective structure for these groups, as well as how all the parts of the Society fit together and could best function together.

All Members of the Society are invited join us at one of our consultation meetings where we will present our proposals and seek your feedback. The dates and venues are listed below.

We will also hold some webinars to present the proposals to members who are unable to attend in person, and details of these will be published shortly.

Consultation meetings will be held and 12 noon to 2pm and again at 4pm to 6pm at the following dates and venues:

  • 4th July 2017 – Queens University, Belfast
  • 6th July 2017 – Society Offices, Leicester
  • 26th July 2017 - Cardiff University  
  • 27th July 2017 – Society Offices, London
  • 28th July 2017 – Caledonian University, Glasgow

In order to book a place for any of these meetings please complete the online booking form.


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