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Psychopathy and other problematic personalities in the workplace

14 June 2017

Psychology may be able to help managers spot and deal with psychopathic personalities in the corporate environment.

Dr Katarina Fritzon from Bond University in Queensland, Australia, is presenting research conducted as part of the validation of a new personality measure to the annual conference of our Division of Forensic Psychology today in Bristol.

In her research Dr Fritzon asked a sample of 261 supply-chain professionals (161 men and 100 women) aged between 27 and 75 to complete a battery of personality measures, including her own Corporate Personality Inventory.

Factor analysis of the results revealed a three-factor structure for the corporate psychopathic personality: boldness, interpersonal dominance and ruthlessness. These factors correlated with predictions from established personality measures.

Dr Fritzon said: 

“These findings have important implications for understanding the way people with psychopathic personalities present themselves in a corporate environment. They also have practical implications for organisations’ recruitment and performance management.”


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