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Proposal to form Defence and Security Psychology Section

25 July 2017

The BPS is currently proposing the creation of a new Defence and Security Psychology Section.

What is the aim of the new section?

The new section will aim to further the understanding of the psychological issues in defence and security; to promote appropriate research; to provide a forum for discussing scientific, practical and ethical issues; and bring together researchers and practitioners.

This section also aims to work closely with other Sections, Divisions and Special Groups of the BPS and promote helpful external collaborations.

Why do we need a BPS Defence and Security section?

Psychology plays many important roles in defence and security and we think that the BPS should have a greater hand in supporting the way in which professional psychologists contribute to this area of practice. 

To some, psychologists working in defence and security may seem mysterious, fraught with political and ethical issues, and rather off-putting.  Yet, many healthcare and clinical psychological practices seen in society today grew from the varied research and clinical work within the defence and security sector.

Other areas that have benefited include psychological assessment and selection of personnel, psychological strategies for optimum organisational leadership, and effective healthcare for personnel in traumatic environments. 

We believe that a Defence and Security section could help bring together the many perspectives we have within the Society so that we can tackle the psychological issues in defence and security together and in the best way we can.

But we need the wider membership to support this aim, whether or not they then decide to become involved in the section.

If you wish to you may click the link below to show your support – you will be under no obligation to join anything, this is simply to obtain the 1% support from BPS members as required by the Society rules


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