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Parliamentarians and policymakers see what psychological science can offer

27 February 2018

Children and young people’s mental health, internet trolling, mental health in the criminal justice system and obesity are all on the 2018 agenda for the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Psychology.

Founded in 2017, the APPG) for Psychology is a cross-party group of parliamentarians from both the Commons and the Lords.

It works to raise awareness amongst parliamentarians and policymakers of the importance and relevance of psychology, combining research and best practice briefings to ensure they have access to a psychological, evidence-based approach to policy development.

To do this the APPG calls on the experience and expertise of both psychologists and experts by experience to bring psychology to the heart of Westminster.

The APPG provides a valuable opportunity for parliamentarians to engage with individuals and organisations outside parliament with whom they share an interest. It looks at psychology as an academic discipline but also iat the contribution it can make to tackling key policy issues.


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