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Our consultation on a new occupational psychology qualification has opened

29 November 2017

The Society is now seeking members’ views on a proposed new stage 2 qualification in occupational psychology.

In October 2016, the Membership and Standards Board approved revised standards for stage 2 training in occupational psychology. A design team was then formed to design a new ‘independent route’ stage 2 qualification around those revised standards.

Through this consultation, we would welcome feedback on the structure of the new Stage 2 qualification, including how it is delivered and assessed. It will be of particular interest to Division of Occupational Psychology members, prospective candidates, supervisors, assessors and employers.

The online consultation survey includes a number of questions relating to the most significant changes to the qualification. These questions are not exhaustive and we would welcome your comments on any related issue.  Please provide reasons alongside your answers where possible.

You may find it useful to have a look at the Draft Candidate Handbook for the new Qualification in Occupational Psychology (Stage 2).

This consultation period will be open until 16 January 2018.


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