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Introductory psychology textbooks accused of spreading myths and liberal-leaning bias

22 December 2016

Are introductory psychology textbooks doing their job in presenting a full and accurate portrayal of the field?

Following research conducted alongside his colleagues at Texas A & M International University, Christopher Ferguson, of Stetson University, has suggested that introductory psychology textbooks have difficulty covering controversial topics with care and often present students with a liberal-leaning, over-simplified perspective.

Whilst he also acknowledged that introductory textbooks have a very difficult job, Ferguson called on them to offer a more balanced perspective, suggesting that this "may mean telling our students about a psychology that is a little messy, muddled, and doesn't always have definitive answers."

The study focused particularly on seven areas of research which may be deemed particularly appealing or unpalatable to authors with liberal leanings and found biased treatment of some areas.

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