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If you're fairly young and healthy, moderate exercise will probably be more enjoyable than you think

09 January 2017

It's that time of the year when a number of people will make resolutions about doing more exercise, but can they be deterred by how little they expect to enjoy the experience?

We're only nine days into the new year and plenty of these resolutions will have been broken or discarded already. But can you make people more likely to stick with an exercise regime by raising their expectations?

Well, not exactly. According to a new study in Health Psychology, participants whose expectations were increased prior to exercise were no more likely to keep it up - but they did report it to be more enjoyable and experienced increases in positive feelings whilst exercising.

It seems that, for the young and healthy participants selected for this study at least, people tend to find exercise a more pleasant experience than they expect it to be and encouraging them to focus on the positive aspects can "yield an overall more positive affective experience."

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