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How keeping a dream diary could boost your creativity

31 August 2017

Alex Fradera, who writes for our Research Digest blog, has recently published a new piece on the link between dreams and creativity.

For Fradera dreams and creativity have always been wound tightly together. As a teenager leafing through his father's Heavy Metal comic strip anthologies, it was Little Nemo in Slumberland (about a character who has fantastic dreams) that made the biggest impact.

After becoming a psychology researcher he remained fascinated with altered states and formed a short-lived dream research group with his fellow PhD students to investigate the mysteries of somnambulant life.

Today, outside of his science hours, he performs improvisational theatre, most intensively with The Dreaming, a surrealistic troupe mimicking dream-logic.

And, in recent years, he has made his previously sporadic dream-logging into a regular habit (tip: keep a voice recorder by your bed and capture everything you can without worrying about sense or structure).

Could this habit make us more creative? According to new research published in the Journal of Creative Behavior, it just might.

Read more on our Research Digest blog.


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