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Free Health Psychology workshops to be held in Oxford

16 March 2017

Two free workshops on the LifeGuide software and the Person-Based Approach to be held at the University of Oxford on April 4.

British Psychological Society member Kate Morton will be among those presenting at two Health Psychology workshops, led by Professor Lucy Yardley that will be held across 4 April 2017 at the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford.

The morning workshops will focus on using the open source LifeGuide software, a free-to-use tool designed for those with no experience of programming, to develop interactive web-based interventions.

In the afternoon, focus will switch to a workshop discussing how to implement the Person-Based Approach (PBA) to intervention development, a session that will be suitable for researchers who are either new to the PBA or would like to learn more about how best to use it in practice.

Attendance is free and people are welcome to attend just one of the two workshops - for further information and to book a place please visit the event page here.


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