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Four new reviews from our Psychological Testing Centre

21 July 2017

The latest tests to be reviewed by the PTC test reviews editorial team are:

  • PAPI 3 - Normative Version - an online, international, work-related assessment tool.  The core version measures 22 work-related scales based on the ideas of American psychologist Max Kostick in the 1960s to measure psychological characteristics relevant to effective performance in the workplace.
  • Assess Expert System - part of the Assess Expert System, which is a computer generated program that makes judgements based on scores from standardised personality and optional ability tests.  It was originally developed in 1970, drawing on two work-related personality assessment tools, the Guildford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey and the Dynamic Factors Opinion Survey
  •  Predictive Role Profiling for High-Performing Executive Teams - a business-focused tool to be used for development purposes with employees especially those in executive roles. It looks at aspects of personal approach and style, and links these to the broad roles that should come easily to a person in terms of the business cycle.
  •  Logiks General - a short measure of cognitive ability designed for occupational use in medium level jobs. It can be used for a broad range of people from general school leavers through to those in lower managerial grades.

Graduate and chartered members of the Society and members of the Register of Qualifications in Test Use can read the full reviews by following the links above. Other readers can access summaries of those reviews via the links.

Read more about the work of our Psychological Testing Centre.


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