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DECP Distinguished Contribution to Educational Psychology Award to be presented today

12 January 2017

Professor Irvine Gersch to receive award at the Division of Education and Child Psychology's annual conference in Harrogate.

The DECP Distinguished Contribution to Educational Psychology Award will be presented at the Division's annual conference in Harrogate today, with Professor Irvine Gersch to be honoured for his outstanding contributions to professional practice.

This annual award is an acknowledgement of the achievements of professional educational psychologists who are engaged in making an unusually significant contribution to professional practice within the United Kingdom.

Professor Gersch is currently a professor of educational and child psychology at the University of East London, where he is the director of a professional doctorate programme, as well as being a qualified coach and supervisor who provides services to psychologists and others.

He has served as chairperson of the British Psychological Society's training committee for educational psychology and received the Society's annual Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology.

Congratulations to Professor Gersch on his achievements and this award.


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