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British Psychological Society Standards for Psychological Support for Adults Living With HIV (2011)

13 December 2016

Despite significant medical advances in HIV treatment, people living with HIV experience significantly higher rates of psychological difficulties than the general population. In response the standards set out in this document aim to provide a clear framework to guide psychological practice in this complex field.

The attached document focusses on the promotion of mental health and wellbeing for all adults living with HIV, as well as the early detection of psychological difficulties, and the provision of appropriate interventions for those who need them.

The standards set out in this document describe the psychological support which should be available for all adults living with HIV in the UK.

These standards are split into eight categories:

  • Standard 1: The promotion of mental health and psychological wellbeing
  • Standard 2: The provision of comprehensive psychological support services
  • Standard 3: The engagement of people living with HIV
  • Standard 4: Access to information and support at the time of diagnosis
  • Standard 5: Identifying psychological support needs
  • Standard 6: Assessing competence to provide psychological support
  • Standard 7: The coordination of psychological support
  • Standard 8: Ensuring evidence-based practice

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