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BPS welcomes Health Select Committee report on child obesity

29 March 2017

Earlier this week the Common's Health Select Committee stated the Government needs to take more robust action to tackle the impact of deep discounting and price promotions on the sales of unhealthy food and drink in its follow up report into childhood obesity.

The British Psychological Society (BPS) welcomes the report from the Common’s Health Select Committee expressing disappointment at “underwhelming” Childhood Obesity Strategy.

Dr Lisa Newson, Chair of The BPS Obesity Task and Finish Group, said:

“Obesity is as much a psychological as a physical problem. Psychological issues can not only foreshadow the development of obesity, but they can also follow ongoing struggles to control weight. This appears to be a forgotten element of the current obesity plan.  We support the committee’s response which suggest that the current obesity plan does not go far enough.  If we continue to do more of the same we will continue to get the status quo, increased obesity. We need to take bold action and not continue to offer piecemeal approaches.”  

"We join the committee in welcoming the Government's promise to collect and publish progress on the childhood obesity plan, and alongside the committee, ‘we look forward to reviewing progress next year when the initial report is available. We hope to see clear evidence of progress and clear plans for further action if progress is unsatisfactory'."

Read our 2011 report 'Obesity in the UK: A psychological perspective'. The BPS Obesity Task and Finish Group are currently reviewing psychological aspects of obesity and will release a new report later in 2017.


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