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BPS award winner produces briefing for parliament

25 August 2017

Claire Tranter was awarded our Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology (POST) postgraduate award.

A forensic psychology PhD student from the University of Westminster has produced a briefing note for POST after being awarded a British Psychological Society (BPS) postgraduate award.

Claire Tranter has produced a POSTnote that will be used by MPs and peers and covers the impacts of migration on the housing system, how migration is measured, and migrant wellbeing.

As a psychologist, Tranter was keen to include a psychological element in her note, with a section of migrant wellbeing covering community cohesion, public perceptions of migrants and how housing problems affect wellbeing.

Tranter said:

"I've tried to cover a broad area. I've looked at whether there's an impact of migrants on the housing system.

I've also looked at data and how the way migration is measured can be an issue when comparing migration figures.

I would recommend it to anyone. The skills you learn and the people you meet, the fact that you can take a break from your PhD and get to learn something completely different has been great. I've loved it."

The BPS POST postgraduate award is made annually - the next round of applications will be advertised in early summer next year.


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