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American women seem to be becoming less stereotypically feminine and more dominant

17 February 2017

A new study explores cross-generational differences in women's behaviours and stereotypically "feminine" attitudes.

True gender equality may remain a work in progress, but there have been clear cultural and social shifts over recent decades, the impact of which on women's attitudes and behaviour has been investigated by a new study in the Journal of Adult Development.

The researchers compared two cohorts of women, the first born in the 1920s and the second being "Baby Boomers" of the 1950s, and found that women are becoming less stereotypically "feminine" - less deferential, more confident, and more ambitious.

Constance Jones and her team also found that lifespan has an impact on feminity, with women in both groups tending to become less stereotypically feminine as they got older as well as showing increasing dominance with age.

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