Standing Committee on Psychology Education for Other Groups

The Standing Committee for Education of Psychology to Other Groups assists those who are teaching psychology but do not have qualifications in the field and helps other professions establish a core psychology curriculum for their training.

Its purpose is to discuss issues relating to the teaching of psychology with relevant groups outside the field, and to make recommendations to the PEB on the basis of these discussions.
Its responsibilities include:

  • Investigating and recording the degree of support within various professional bodies for the teaching of psychology;
  • liaising with professional bodies on the style and content of psychology education required;
  • devising educational programmes, in liaison with professional bodies, appropriate to those professions;
  • making recommendations on the certification and accreditation of psychological education and training to non-psychologists;
  • assisting and advising other professional groups on the delivery of psychological education and training.

For more information, contact our Policy Adviser: Education.