Standing committee on pre-tertiary education

The Standing Committee on Pre-tertiary Education is concerned with psychology qualifications prior to the undergraduate level.

It makes recommendations to the Psychology Education Board about all aspects of pre-tertiary education, including curricula, potential member services and qualified teachers’ status for psychology graduates.

Its responsibilities include:

  • liaising with the Training and Development Agency for Schools on routes to qualified teacher status
  • considering aspects of pre-tertiary curricula in the wider context of psychology education
  • developing policy for enhancing the teaching of psychology at the pre-tertiary level
  • liaising with outside agencies about psychology education at pre-tertiary level
  • promoting the usefulness of psychology qualifications at this level for those who do not go on to become psychologists
  • promoting the academic and scientific rigour of psychology qualifications at this level
  • responding to government policy and consultation documents on Post-16 education
  • promoting the value of pre-tertiary psychology as a preparation for undergraduate studies in the subject

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