Society Appeals process

The Society appeals process is overseen by the Membership Standards Board (MSB) which is responsible for issues relating to the membership of the Society and professional training in psychology. Our appeals process is designed to be fair and transparent to allow the processing of appeals in a structured and timely manner.

The Society considers appeals against the following areas of its work:

If you decide to submit an appeal the onus is firmly on you as the appellant to demonstrate why you believe that your appeal meets at least one of the criteria for appeal identified in the appropriate booklet. You may find our FAQs helpful.

Simply disagreeing with the decision is not sufficient grounds for an appeal. 

All appeals must be made in writing, with copies of all relevant documentation, and posted to the Society’s Office within two calendar months of the date of the letter/email communicating the decision.

Please note that we charge a fee for the assessment of appeals. This fee must be paid at the same time as submitting your appeal. Information about current fees is available in the appeals information booklets. In the event that we uphold your appeal, the Society will refund the total amount. 

The appeals process is not a mechanism for reassessing an application or your assessment submission for your qualification. If you require further feedback or clarification on the outcome, in the first instance, you are advised to contact the team that advised you of the decision.

Our guidance booklets are revised periodically, and you should ensure that you are using the most up-to-date booklet for your appeal (available via the links above).

If you would like further information on the appeals procedure, please email the Appeals Manager or telephone +44 (0)116 2529919.


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